Solar Panel Cleaning

Depending on the siting of your Solar panels would determine how often or not you should have them cleaned, also on the degree of the roof pitch would cause either more or less debris to build up.  Most UK solar panel are mostly self cleaning, however,  Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through photovoltaic cells and converting the photons into electricity. The more sunlight the cells absorb, the more power the panels generate. Conversely, when the cells gather, a build-up of dust and dirt will mean that the system may not perform to its optimum potential.

Because solar panels are typically installed on the roofs of houses, they suffer from general atmospheric dirt such as exhaust fumes, tree sap, moss and defecating birds. As a result, the solar cells are less effective which ultimately reduces the output of electricity.

It's important to ensure the efficiency of your solar panels by having them cleaned yearly if they have been installed for some time to prevent the build up of dirt and debris.  

EPC Solutions do not use any aggressive or corrosive cleaning solutions in the cleaning process as this may damage the panels, we only specific products use solar panel cleaning and soft water brush or and a squeegee for a streak free finish.