Moss Removal and Biocide Treatment

Moss can cause real damage to you roof by pushing the tiles out of place or even by boring spores into some of the roofing materials. Once that happens, water ingress can occur - potentially costing you thousands of pounds to put right. That's why it's so important to tackle moss before it becomes a real problem. We do NOT use high pressure washing methods as this can actually damage your roof and water may penetrate under the tiles, causing leaks and damp. 

EPC Solutions use a simple scraping method or low pressure wash system , depending on the roof tile and condition.  We work from ground level (where possible) to remove up to 90% of the existing moss, In some cases a scaffold tower may be used to get access to the roof, but we avoid getting onto the roof at all costs due to the potential damage that this may cause to the tiles.  The remainder of the Moss is removed with a Biocide treatment which is lightly brushed over the surface of the roof using a low pressure soft wash rinse system.  This will degrade and kill off the remaining Moss spores and improve the look of the roof over time. 

Once the treatment is applied to the surface, it kills and removes any organic growth that is present. But not only that, it will remain present in the surface, preventing algae or moss developing again for up to minimum of 2 years.

The soft wash treatment is great for almost any exterior surface! 

Including: Render, Cladding, Fencing, Brickwork.